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Eerie Boutique

60 minute cassette $3
Hear ye, hear ye Hear ye have a sample of the kind of chaos we advocate...from Eeyore Polyp Gruel to Detune to Cave Clown Microwave and more...all the eerie sounds that ye have come to love and fear.

Cave Clown Microwave
Volumes 1 through 4
This unique band welcomed musical & lyrical contraband from anyone and everyone. They operated through the mail and included members of Sockeye, Eeyore Parent Pleaser, the Someday People, and ForkKnifeSpoon
Volume 1 $3
60 min cassette
Volume 2 $3
60 min cassette
Volume 3 $3
60 min cassette
Volume 4 $4
90 min cassette

I & II
Detune II ________60 minute cassette $3  
Detune II ________60 minute cassette $3  
Muzak for guerrilla warfare. Painfully beautiful soundscapes perfect for slow psychic deterioration.


45 minute cassette $3
2 Loop Latrek & the infinity goblins strike again! Archival footage from our psychic deterioration.

Everything Eats a Squirrel
Everything Eats a Squirrel & Flowers of Chaos
Self Titled ________ __30 min cassette $3  
Flowers of Chaos ___.___ ___cassette $4  
This is what happens when beautiful folk music falls gently upon with delicately painted razors ...softly explosive.

Kali Yoga
Chaos Meditation

60 minute cassette $4
Join Kali Yoga on the painful, refreshing and excruciatingly joyful path to eternal happiness through acceptance of the beauty of chaos!

Sonique Rabbit Fists
My Grandmother Fucker

45 minute cassette $4
Sure to both fright and delight with sickly sweet venom in their bunny bite ...a monster sound arsenal that ranges from Bowie-esque to Battlestar Galactica space drone.

Sonique Rabbit Fists
Death Before jazz Fusion

45 minute cassette $4
More Hi-Lo-Mid-Fi Bee Bop maddnes from the hairs who hate adult contemperary.

Warm Fuzzys are all over my skin
Colostomy Milkshake

45 minute cassette $4
A glimpse at what Eddy Puss was puttering away with before his Sonique Rabbit Fists days.

Your Folks Throwing Up on My Folks

45 minute cassette $4
Apuro from Kingdom Scum teams up with Dave from Sockeye to create deliriously mysterious slop-folk.

Monastery of Porcupines

90 minute cassette $3
Compiled by Dave Schall of Sockeye Perfume Inc., this tape is a masterpiece collection of wonderfully diverse and indescribable bands such as Humidifier, Suckdog, Caroliner, Big Butter, and several more...gasp!

Abortion Party

30 minute cassette $3
201 songs! The world's first and only piano blur-core band that now has legions of drooling fans worldwide.

Spacey Spacem
Going Up?

30 minute cassette $3
Dr. Spacem documents the sounds of intermittent bursts of cosmic debris colliding with honkytonk piano transmissions from Venus. A treat for land lovers and stargazers alike.

How to Kill Frank Sinatra
cassette compilation $4

Featuring the huanting melodies of these assinis: Big Poo Generator, Kingdom Scum, the Very Pleasant Neighbor, Cloaca, Aurora Paralysis, KoF, the Wallmen, Buttsteak, Detune, the Someday People, Volkswhale, New Killers on the Block, Serena Slab, Kepone, lou Minati, Colon on the Cob, the Popsicle Melts, Comecon, EDO, Branch Manager, Boy in Love, Naughty Ded Hed and the Gothic Hair Freak Art Fags, Sportscreme, and Gang of Pork

How to Worship Mosquitoes
cassette compilation $4
Featuring: Apocalypse Theatre, Geezer Lake, Slang Laos, Secret Six, Holy Rodent, ENE, Avail, VoodooMuzak, Anita Livs, Destroy the Natural, Oliver Squash, Fishskel, Warm Fuzzys are all over my skin, Plasticine Gel Monster, the Pure Plastic Tree, man with Gun Lives Here, Evolution Control Committe, the Gland Puppies, Boy in Love, Rob Christiansen, Esmirelda, and Kingdom Scum.
Some of the most innovative, Intriguing, and Intense bands today for only $4

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