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Spongecakeman / Headache Glutton
split 7" $3.50
Spongecakeman is a swirling din of organized moog cacophony from Osaka. Headache Glutton is a distorted crusty lo-fi space pop from San Francisco. This record was released to celebrate a wonderful show the two bands played together in Osaka. Each cover is adorned with a different recipe card from the days before people really knew how to photograph food....Ugly entrees galore!!!

Truth in Advertising

7" $3.50
This companion piece to their "Dispepsi" CD is their first and only 7".... three thirst-quenching tracks!

Stock, Hausen & Walkman
Broccoli / Stripper

7" $3.50
Crunchy trip-hoppy fun; taking sampling technology to new heights of innovation. (Eerie Themes #8)

Diarrhea Lipstick

7" $3.50
Would you believe 75 piano blur-core ditties on one 7"....brilliantly annoying! (Eerie Themes #7)

Kingdom Scum / ENE

split 12"
"New Experiments in Jungle Sound". Dance music that makes dancing difficult! (Eerie Themes #6)

Dum Dum TV / Wayne Butane

split 7" $3.50
Taped manipulation collage masterpieces from tokyo and Arizona (Eerie Themes #5)

Evolution Control Committee
The Whipped Cream Mixes

7" (Out of Print)
The original smash-up sensation pits P.E. against Herb Albert and his Tijuana crew. Copright violation in the Plunderphonics tradition (Eerie Themes #4)

Man or Astroman? / Anachronauts

split 7" $3.50
"Disjointed Parallels" Sounds from Space. (Eerie Themes #3)

Faxed Head / Breathilizor

split 7" $3.50
Two bands voted "most Satanic" by their respective high schools. (Eerie Themes #2)

La Bradford / Surfers of Romantica "ENE Remixes"
split 12" (Out of Print)
Lush moodsters Labradford & Tokyo superstars Surfers of Romantica get treatment from eerie remix master ENE. Sorry, but due to a manufacturing & distribution agreement, this release must be purchased through Darla.
(Darla Records, 3460 Potter Lane, Sacramento, CA 95821 USA

Lou Minati
Blackmail Me?

7" $3.50
The anonymous underground telephone sensation, finally on vinyl. (Eerie Themes #1)

Caroliner / Eeyore Ass Guzzler

split 7" $3
Monsters of country mayhem unite for an assault on the senses.

Sockeye / Eeyore Prayer Tool

split 7" $3
Two legends on one record setting new standards in musical idiocy.

Popsicle Melts / Colon on the Cob

split 7" $3
Epic minimalistic pop & punk rock circus music with swank wallpaper packaging

Popsicle Melts

7" $3
Bouncy basement pop that probably should have stayed in the basement...very few left.

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