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a.m. salad
"lo-fi for hi-fi"

CD $10
a.m. salad cultural keywords:
sound - scavenger hunt - damaged - needles - scratch - loops - alarm - tones - squeal - undulating - organ - devices - bleep - time - space - harmonica

Kingdom Scum/Camp Chaos
White is Dead/White Dub

> Split 12" on white vinyl $8
The Kingdom Scummed it and then Chaos Dubbed it. Kingdom Scum joins forces with Netherlands Dubers in condemnation of all things white.

Total War Against State + Capital

CD $13
Hidden Power Enterprises gives you a new compilation of resistance inspiring carnage packaged in hard core, heavy, steel 'facist proof' shielding, just to let 'em know that we're not kidding.

Vas Deferens Organization
The Idiot Parade

CD $10
Sampled bleeps & bloops collide against riffs and saxophone skronk to create bewilderingly absurd carnivalesque masterpieces!

Vas Deferens Organization
Queas & Art

CD $10
One hour of ethnic music from an alien race.
(Hidden Power Enterprises release)

Hemorrhoy Rogers
Clippity Klopp Don't Rob Me

CD $12
An anally fixated Alvin & the Chipmunks hopped up on goofballs and creating demented audio oddities far beyond "catchy" Limited edition packaged in mini pastel hat boxes stuffed with candy and toys!

Sonique Rabbit Fists
vs. the Evil Baby Jesus

CD-R $6
Epic pop masterpiece forged of an arsenal of casiotone fed through effects peddles. Recorded and produced by Kramer with help from ENE.

Angels of Life in a Psychic Wasteland

CD $10
Compilation of the beautiful& bizarre featuring Violent Onsen Geisha, Stock Hausen & Walkman, Eugene Chadbourne, Amps for Christ, and many more. (Hidden Power Enterprises release)

Urga Circus Cirkor
U R Ka Os F Ods A Lit In G

CD $10
Sounds from a Swedish counter-culter circus...a raw mix of Gypsy, Klezmer, Indian, & Aborigine music run through a meat grinder.

(Hidden Power Enterprises release)

Ooka Meets Jing Pow Ki Poo

LP $8
Jodo (of Math & Duotron infamy) creates a one-woman percussion & science gear extravaganza. More than a record; it's a noisy storybook!


CD $10
Country tinged pop songs about bombs, tapeworms and road kill...
Experience the twisted gothic hillbilly twang of Friendly today.

Eerie Bazaar

CD $6
A taste of Eerie past, present & future. A 22 track audio odyssey showcasing Eerie artist DumDum TV, the Evolution Control Committee, Kingdom Scum, Eeyore Gorilla Cookies, and many more.

Delete the Elite

CD $10
A collection of Punk-Rap music featuring Kingdom Scum, Papa Brittle, M.D.C., Chumbawumba, & Credit to the Nation (just to name a few). Includes special non-plastic packaging & full color poster.

Kingdom Scum

LP $8
A three-sided record exploring the undefinable absurdity we know as "Punk". Some will love it, some will fear it...if you don't have a turntable, you can't hear it!

Kingdom Scum
God Eat God

CD $12
More harmonies of havoc from kingdom Scum, this time religion is the focus of dissention. Includes souvenir postcards and "Life Against Life" booklet. (co-release with Staalplat)

Kingdom Scum
Golden Asshole Legacy

(Out of Print)
Kingdom Scum's first LP of patented "chaos pop" sporting a glorious hologram cover. We now have fewer copies of this than you have toes ...order soon or ye shall later mourn. (co-release with Staalplat)

Eeyore Cast Traitor
Inter-dimensional Cooperation & a Kiss to You

LP $8
Recorded in bedrooms, motor vehicles & abandon missile silos, this LP documents a spectacular spectrum of sound & sickness somewhere between frolicsome childhood innocence and a feline contempt for all humanity ...A delightful combination of black magic and pink madness.

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